Maqueta de una vivienda en el Barcelona Meeting PointThe 2018 edition of the real estate fair Barcelona Meeting Point, organized by the Consortium of the Zona Franca, has set itself a series of challenges in response to the new demands of society. The main themes of this event, from 25 to 28 October at the Montjuïc premises of Fira de Barcelona, are innovation and sustainability, but other issues that clearly affect the social aspect of housing and the role of women in the sector are also on the agenda.

Innovation and trends in the real estate sector

“Trends & Innovations” is the title of the BMP Congress, which includes the BMP International Symposium and the first edition of BMP Proptech Congress. It is a clear statement of intent by the event as it aims to attract the latest developments in the sector and present them to those attending. The BMP International Symposium gathers the main actors in the real estate sector together for in-depth debate and analysis of the present and future of the market for residential housing, offices and hotels.

Concerns about housing and house pricesBarcelona Meeting Point se preocupa por el problema de la vivienda

Besides any specific proposals, this edition of Barcelona Meeting Point hopes to serve as a forum in which the different parties involved can talk and search for solutions to guarantee the right to housing. Pere Navarro, goverment delegate to the Zona Franca Consortium and president of BMP, pointed out that “we are facing a very complex problem with no easy solutions, that we can only hope to tackle through collaboration between the public and private sector”. He also affirmed that “we are aware of the enormous difficulties that many groups face when seeking access to housing, especially young people who are being forced to move far away, and the resulting loss of talent that is affecting the country”.

Real Estate startupsRealidad aumentada en el Barcelona Meeting Point para la vivienda

Another new addition is the creation of the BMP Startup Connection Hub, an exhibition area where 50 startups will display disruptive solutions that can directly affect the real estate market, changing the way business is done and offering more efficient and sustainable construction and rehabilitation techniques. There are new financial services, advanced technologies, Marketplace, Blockchain and Big Data to help in taking decisions in real estate property transactions. BMP is also the first trade fair in the sector to present a startup accelerator programme, which lasts for six months and is run by La Salle Technova, featuring the best 10 startups present at the event.

The role of women in the sector

Another of the social dimensions that Barcelona Meeting Point will deal with is revindicating the role of women in the traditionally masculine property sector. According to a study published by the employment portal Infojobs, only 9% of women occupy senior management positions in Spain, but this figure is even lower in the real estate sector. This is why the WIRES (Women in Real Estate Spain) group is organizing a debate on Friday 26 to encourage the presence of women in real estate companies and to raise awareness of the activities of this association.