Events a la carte


Can you imagine preparing a menu for 50, 1,000 or up to 12,000 people? Serve food in a space measuring 30,000 m2 or on high (literally) on a platform suspended above the ground? However and wherever you want it…let us introduce you to the real event chefs.

Emmanuelle Mazzarella

Eduard Ávila

GastroFira is the catering and restaurant department of Fira de Barcelona. With a central kitchen measuring 4,000 m2, it runs the 55 eating places arranged throughout the Montjuïc and Gran Via sites, including Restaurant Nuclo featured in the Repsol Guide.

But that is not all. It offers a customised catering service for all types of events, from small meetings to crowded gala dinners. “Through Nuclo Catering, we can turn any event into an exclusive and unique gourmet experience, based on the variety and quality of Mediterranean cooking, adapting ourselves to the demands of the clients, not only in terms of space, decoration and services, but also their nutritional requirements as regards diets, food allergies or cultural differences. Tell us what you want and we will make it happen”, says the Operations Director of GastroFira, Eduard Ávila.

Said and done. It has a record of creating spectacular themed events: for example, it created a gastronomic voyage around the world in a pavilion of more than 14,000 m2, with the chance to taste food from the five continents. One event was a cocktail party to celebrate the 50th birthday of a famous doll, with all the items coloured pink. “A real challenge, we managed to avoid it being tacky and were able to offer elegant and delicious food”, Eduard Ávila claimed. It has also made unique products. This is best represented by the “homemade” cookies made exclusively for a client, featuring the logo of the company (more than 10,000 were cooked for the event).

In recent years we have specialized in bespoke major events, offering creative and high quality dishes, which is really challenging when arranging this type of massive events”, said the sales director of GastroFira, Emmanuelle Mazzarella. “We have come up with five gourmet experiences related with the sectors of cosmetics, fashion, technology and research, which means that we adapt to the events in such a way as to form part of the company’s message. Large companies such as L’Oréal, Seat, Pronovias, HP or Pfizer have already tried it”, she added.

There is not doubt that going to a congress, fair or event has changed. Besides seeing and offering new products, making deals or simply getting on with colleagues in incentive meetings, visitors want to try out a delicious and different food experience to take home with them. The GastroFira team make it possible.

Did you know that…?

  • As many as 1,000 people may be hired for some events, including waiting staff and cooks, to cover the restaurant and catering service.
  • GastroFira makes 240,000 sandwiches a year
  • During the Mobile World Congress, the central kitchen of GastroFira operates for 24 hours for seven days without interruption in shifts. Over 60,000 meals are served every day during this event.
  • An event for 5,000 diners can call for as many as 38,000 sandwiches and 40,000 litres of soft drinks. Setting up a dining room requires 500 tables, 5,000 chairs, 9,000 dishes , 18,000 pieces of cutlery… and a space measuring 17,000 m2.
  • All leftover food is given to different organizations (Nutrició Sense Fronteres and Banc dels Aliments) to be distributed in soup kitchens for those in need.