New value proposal by the Fira


03-05-01Fira de Barcelona has reviewed its Strategic Plan in order to provide an appropriate response to the changes emerging from the economic recession and undertake new strategic projects to anticipate future challenges. It is what we call the “New Value Proposal”, and its implementation has led to some organisational changes in the institution’s management structure.

In short, it consists of anticipating the needs of our clients – events organisers, exhibitors and visitors – with creativeness, speed and leadership.

Fira de Barcelona wants to reinforce its role as an economic dynamo and a generator of wealth, and its commitment to innovation and internationalism.

The key areas of the “New Value Proposal” focus on:

  • Not all shows are the same. Strengthening our own shows with commercial responses adapted to each type of exhibition, according to the needs of exhibitors and visitors and promoting the international dimension.
  • The exhibitor at the centre. An increasingly personalised relationship with the exhibitor, with special emphasis on meeting their expectations in terms of sales, contacts and brand promotion.
  • A deeper relationship between exhibitors and visitors. We place new technologies and relationship marketing at the visitor’s disposal: their professional profiles, interests and preferences are highlighted. New technological tools will be developed to facilitate relationships, meetings and contacts between exhibitors and visitors.
  • The “Sectorial Summit”, the most important meeting in the sector. For more important shows, with themes of innovation, knowledge, internationalisation and debate. The aim is to hold congress format events that become the “major meeting point” for each sector (a meeting of Spanish and international leaders, prizes, dialogue between government bodies and associations, presentation of studies, etc.)
  • Focus on the new strategic sectors in industry, services and research where innovation can take place by means of the development of new shows or attracting fair events and international congresses. This area includes the synergies between Barcelona and its Fira.
  • Fira de Barcelona becomes even more international by making a commitment to its foreign business: exploring opportunities for new business with international operators, cities and venues and to “export” our shows abroad and establish relationships with government bodies and non-governmental organisations.
  • New strategies for offering new services and creating more value for exhibitors, visitors and organisers.