Fira – a film set


04-05-01Products being exhibited, professionals doing business, major conferences, metres and metres of carpet and hundreds of stands… the Montjuïc and Gran Via areas of Fira de Barcelona do not only host shows and conferences every year. They are also used as sets for films and television commercials. For a few days, the pavilions become the offices of Europol, major shopping centres and even football pitches where the major stars play. That’s in fiction, of course. Fira’s spaces are marvellous for creating films and advertisements, which are new areas of business and for diversifying income.

Lights, camera… action!


04-05-02Círculo Uno

A short thriller directed by César Pesquera, filmed almost entirely in the Gran Via area. The film, which will premiere soon, was filmed over three days in 2009. More information about filming here. See »


The press room and offices of the Europa Hall in the Gran Via area became Europol offices and a hospital for this film, which was filmed in 2007 and produced by Drimtim Entertainment. It stars the Oscar-winning actor Timothy Hutton and Miguel Ángel Silvestre. See » Go to: catalogue, tv-Movies, Reflections

Television commercials

04-05-04Iniesta in FIFA 2011

The commercial for the FIFA 2001 video game was filmed in Montjuïc’s pavilion 1. Seventeen top level footballers took part, including Andrés Iniesta. See »

04-05-05Messi in PES 2010

Montjuïc’s pavilion Z6 was chosen to film the movements by Leo Messi that are reproduced in Konami’s PES 2010 video game.See »

04-05-06Gatorade 2010

Pavilion 2 in the Gran Via area became an enormous virtual football pitch for Messi, Kaká and Rafa Márquez to play on. This advertisement is for the Latin American market, and was produced by Widescopeproductions. . See »

04-05-07Pepsi 2008

The footballers Messi, Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry spent ten days filming the Pepsi 2008 commercial in pavilion Z6 in the Montjuïc area. This commercial was produced by Goodgate Productions. See » Go to: selected spots – Pepsi Foot 2008

04-05-08Liverpool department stores

Mexico most important chain of department stores, Liverpool, filmed its 2010 campaign of advertisements, produced by the agency Ovideo TV, for 10 days in the Europa Hall in the Gran Via area. . See »

04-05-09Mútua Madrileña

The famous choir of the Mútua Madrileña car insurance company also recorded several commercials for its 2010 campaign in pavilion Z6 in Montjuïc. See »

04-05-10Fave de Fuca

This 2010 was filmed in the offices of the Europa Hall in the Gran Via area. Find out more details about filming here.
See »

04-05-11Audi A3

You have to wait until the end of the commercial to see the pavilion Z6 Montjuïc, the backdrop for the presentation of the new Audi A3 model (2010). See »

04-05-12El Corte Inglés

The walkways of the Gran Via area became a green walkway in the El Corte Inglés spring advertising campaign in 2008. See »

04-05-13Caramelos Solano

The offices recreated in this advertisement for Caramelos Solano are in the Europa Hall in the Gran Via area. The commercial was produced by Álamo Films, and was filmed in one day in 2008. See »


The model Laura Ponte starred in this commercial for the well-known clothing brand Mango in 2008. It was filmed in pavilions 2, 4, 5 and Z6 in Montjuïc. See »

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