Bicycles, beer cans, wet wipes, shopping trolleys and even an entire car: just some of the stranger things inhabiting the depths of the seas around Barcelona that were caught in fishermen’s nets as part of the Marviva project from October last year to September.

The aim of this campaign, organised by the Waste Agency of Catalonia), the Cofradía de Pescadores de Barcelona (Barcelona Fishermen’s Association) and the Port de Barcelona is to find out the type, characteristics and source of marine pollution.

Over the months that the project has been running, the 11 boats in the Fishermen’s Association participating in this mission have ‘caught’ over 3,000 kilos of all kinds of waste, comprising mainly plastic and textiles as well as, less commonly, wood, glass and metals. It has been estimated that 80% of this rubbish comes from land, while only 20% comes from the sea despite the large number of fishing and tourist boats.

The Marviva initiative—present at the Barcelona Boat Show organised by Fira de Barcelona—aims to raise awareness amongst both the general public and fishermen regarding the damage caused to Mediterranean beaches by marine litter, as it threatens aquatic life, commercial fishing, tourism and shipping.