sónar festival barcelonaSónar+D 2019, the 7th Creative Technology Conference which is part of the Sónar festival, is organizing around 150 activities this year and placing special emphasis on the educational aspect, expanding the workshops, masterclasses and talks given by over 200 experts on the creation of immersive experiences, Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to the arts and, as always, the latest in technology for content creation

The result of this interest in advanced technology, the work of Sónar+D and the programming of the Sónar Festival is a number of shows that explore the relationship between the brain and music, the dialogue between light and sound and Artificial Intelligence. This will be used live for the first time ever on the stages of SonarHall and SonarComplex to pursue ideas raised in previous Sónar+D. It will be present in the premiere of the shows by technology expert Daito Manabe alongside neuroscientist Yukiyasu Kamitani, who will present a pioneering audio-visual experiment that aims to display the thoughts and emotions of the artist as they perform their music. There will also be the collaboration between the Turkish creative studio Ouchhh and the Barcelona group Za!, with a performance inspired by superstring theory, projecting the brainwaves of the musicians.

But these are not the only experiences. The concert by Holly Herndon also promises to be a highlight, with a choir of human voices accompanied by ‘Spawn’ a sophisticated AI that generates music in real time.

This is only the beginning.