Salón Ocasión se celebra en Fira de BarcelonaThe draft of the new Climate Change Act being prepared by the Ministry of Ecological Transition was published a few weeks ago, and it includes a ban on the sale and registration of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitting vehicles, both diesel and petrol-driven, from 2040. This news, together with other previous items that dealt with diesel vehicle emissions and traffic restrictions in the centres of cities such as Barcelona or Madrid, have upset the automobile sector. It represents 10% of the GDP and employs 9% of the working population, or in other words, 300,000 direct and another 2 million indirect jobs.

Jaume Roura es el presidente del Salón Ocasión

Jaume Roura, president of the Salón Ocasión

Jaume Roura, president of the Salón Ocasión, which is being held from 30 November to 9 December at the Montjuïc site, and one of the most respected voices in the sector, claims that “the technology used in vehicles today is making them less and less contaminating”.

Roura, who was also president of FECAVEM (Catalan Federation of Motor Vehicle Sellers) and former head of the Federation of Vehicle Dealership Associations (FACONAUTO) for many years, said “people have been talking a lot recently about diesel and the clear advantages of this fuel, which offers more efficiency, longer-lasting engines and lower consumption”. He added that “Spain is the European Union country with the second oldest car pool in Europe, only above Greece”.

The new edition of the Salón Ocasión car show with Fira de Barcelona and the collaboration of the Motor Sector and FECAVEM will put more than 3,500 used vehicles from the best brands on sale at the lowest prices on the market. It is a great opportunity to change vehicles. “Buying a used car can save you more than 40% in comparison with the price of a new model, and with such low prices, the depreciation of these vehicles is also much lower”, says Roura.

Visitantes en el Salón Ocasión en Fira de BarcelonaThe buyers are aware of this. The proof is that sales of used cars will rise in Spain by 15.5% this year, with over two million units sold, while Catalonia will see a rise of 9.6% with more than 325, 000 cars sold, according to a study commissioned by the MSI Agency for the Motor Sector and FECAVEM for the show.

This report also shows that cars cost an average of 16,085 euros in Catalonia, and 14,894 in the rest of Spain. As regards the models, the best seller this year in Catalonia is the Dacia Sandero, with 4,417 units, followed by the Seat Leon (4,117 vehicles) and the Nissan Qashqai (4,053).