Construmat, the potential for international growth

20-02-01The depth of the crisis which has affected our country in recent years has led all the experts to indicate overseas expansion as the only possible way for our productive infrastructure to find a way out of the current economic climate.

Fira de Barcelona has once more led the way, and for the last few years has taken firm steps towards supporting exhibitors who want to look abroad to other countries where there are real business opportunities. This drive towards the international arena has been most firmly expressed in fairs such as Piscina Barcleona, Hostelco, BcnRail or Smart City Expo, and has also been a prominent feature of Construmat 2013.

Faced with the weak demand from the practically inexistent Spanish market, the directors of the fair have come up with an ambitious international “road show” for Construmat’s Contract Forum. This initiative will allow Spanish and European companies to expand into overseas markets by making contact with the developers of enormous construction projects currently underway in emerging countries such as Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

This is a new departure, and will help to make the fair into a true international hub for the construction industry.

The opinions


Lluís Comerón

Dean of the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Cataluña (COAC)

Welcomed this initiative from Construmat. “Internationalisation is practically a necessity in every productive industry in the 21st century, because we are working in a global marketplace”, he said.


Pilar Navarro

Director of Construmat

Says that “there are real business opportunities in other countries, and we want to make sure our exhibitors know all about them” in the first edition of Construmat’s Contract Forum.


José Miarnau

President of Construmat and vice-president of COMSA EMTE

Said that “the only way for the sector to escape from this crisis is to move into the international scene, something we have not tried very hard to do in the past”. Miarnau, whose company is carrying out a variety of  projects in countries such as Switzerland and France, is convinced that the Spanish building industry has a “great competitive advantage in terms of quality and price” which enables it to penetrate foreign markets.Our country’s construction sector has a great opportunity to prove him right: at Construmat 2013. This new edition has been presented at the BAU fair in Munich, among other top-ranking international events. See video

30,000 million in investment

The Construmat Contract Forum will be presenting 170 projects with a total investment potential of 30,000 million euros. Among these projects are:

  • The construction of the new Puerto Madero maritime district in Buenos Aires. Covering 170 hectares, it represents a total of 776 million euros in investment.
  • Phase two of the program ‘Minha Casa, Minha Vida’. This is aimed at eliminating shanty towns from the main cities of Brazil by building two million houses before 2014. There is a budget of 3,332 million euros.
  • The Costanera Center property and tourism project in Santiago de Chile. It covers 700,000 square meters and includes the building of several skyscrapers, with a forecast investment of 450 million euros.