sustainable sailing show

Enjoying nature and the marine environment is one of the main attractions of nautical tourism. This is why the 58th edition of Fira de Barcelona’s Boat Show, Salón Náutico de Fira de Barcelona, is focused on reducing the impact of this activity on the sea and creating greater environmental awareness. The question is: how can boat owners contribute to sustainability?

First of all, by sailing boats that use clean energy and even more by doing actions to clean up the sea. The exhibition area of the show, which takes place from 9 to 13 October at Port Vell, will display three vessels that are 100% sustainable and the first catamaran from the company Bella Verde which, powered by its sail and two electric motors fed by a solar panel, collects solid objects that can be found at a depth of up to half a metre.

‘Sea people’

The 58th edition of Fira de
Barcelona’s Boat Show is
focused on this question:
how can boat owners contribute
to sustainability?

There will also be different bathing costumes made from recycled plastic and the SB Buoy, which is made of natural materials that filter microplastics and allow plankton to pass through. As part of this strategy, the organization plans to launch its Decalogue for Sustainable Sailing during the show, a guide of good practices to enjoy sailing without harming the environment.

These are just some of the specific measures that can be applied to a boat to reduce its environmental impact:

The sustainable boatsustainable sailing boat

  1. Use water or the wind as an alternative energy source to recharge and maintain its batteries
  2. Add high-performance solar panels to generate more clean energy
  3. Locate the vessel’s position by GPS to prevent anchoring in areas of Posidonia
  4. Apply energy efficiency through automated control of the elements of onboard comfort
  5. Install polarised glass to regulate the indoor temperature and reduce the need for air conditioning
  6. Use sustainable materials such as synthetic teak decking
  7. Power the boat with an electric or hybrid engine
  8. Use latest generation batteries to avoid turning the engine on when the boat is not moving
  9. Choose boats made using the vacuum infusion technique, the most environmental option
  10. Ensure that sewage and grey water is only discharged in authorized areas
  11. Apply paint without contaminant metals on the exterior of the boat
  12. Choose sustainable designs with a ‘pyramid’ aspect because this distributes weight more efficiently and reduces the consumption of resources