All kinds of business at Bizbarcelona


A wide range of real solutions for the expansion of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs. That is the calling card of the new edition of Bizbarcelona, the salon organized by Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with Barcelona Activa which will be held on the 4th and 5th of June at the Montjuïc site.

Consultants – the company “doctors”

Sound advice is an essential requirement for anyone going into a business venture. The Iberdac consultancy, which defines itself as an organization that “aims to help SMEs and entrepreneurs”, is the type of place to look for this advice.

27-03-02 Its director, Antoni Benages, sees consultancies as providing health care for companies. “Our job is to make a diagnosis and to prescribe the measures that must be taken to guarantee viability. We find that business people already recognise 80% of the symptoms. The problem is the 20% that they don’t know about, and here the consultant can help.”

Teaching how to fish

Benages goes on to explain that the consultant is the person who “teaches business people to fish, and helps them make changes to their structures, strategies and even their attitudes in order to boost their bottom line”.

Besides guiding small and medium enterprises, a consultant can also make an important contribution to entrepreneurs who, he claims “are tremendously inventive, but need to be more methodical”. In the present circumstances, Benages advises entrepreneurs to be “a little more prudent than before” in order to consolidate their business ventures.

Innovation and new businesses

View from top of Loiral II Despite the dead end that renewable energy seems to have arrived at in our country, the sector still offers an interesting business model. Bizbarcelona will feature the participation of KIC InnoEnergy, a European company specialised in innovation, the creation of new businesses and education in sustainable energy that was founded in 2011 as an offshoot of EIT, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

“Our goal is to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of sustainable energy in Europe”, claims KIC InnoEnergy, which has offices in Benelux, Poland, Germany, Sweden and Spain. KIC Inno Energy Iberia has established itself as an example of how the public and private sectors can work together.

The Business Creation area of KIC InnoEnergy offers support to newly created companies which are developing a product or service which will reach the market in no more than two years. The candidates to enter its fast track must pass a rigorous assessment process for business opportunities that results in only one in ten of the projects being selected to go forward. From that point, KIC InnoEnergy invests in knowledge, resources and services to speed it up and maximise the chances of success.

For those in charge of the company, “the competitiveness of any advanced economy is founded on the three pillars of economic development: education, innovation and industry”.