Reinvent yourself. This is one way to respond to the changes that the relentless technological revolution brings with it, because the innovations that are transforming the world are also changing our ways of producing things, shopping or seeing each other. The eighth edition of Bizbarcelona by Barcelona Activa, on 30 and 31 May at the Montjuïc site, takes the side of entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises and the social economy as they face up to the processes forced on them by the technological and collective transformation of their activities.

In the words of Agustí Colom, councillor for Tourism, Business and Markets for Barcelona City Council:

We are at a point of no return, on our way to a scenario with a drastic paradigm shift, where digital transformation is the primary factor

Learn to grow

BizBarcelona offers support to SMEs in a process of technological transformation forced

The consultant Lluís Font, an expert in digital transformation, distinguishes between digitalization, “using technology to become more productive”, and digital transformation, “which means that my business model works much more efficiently, grows more quickly and can add value to my customers”. Font considers that when addressing digital transformation, “the first step is to learn, because the more we know the less fearful we are, and we can only transform ourselves when we are not held back by fear”.

The director of Bizbarcelona by Barcelona Activa, Aleix Planas, affirms that “digital transformation is here to stay and we aim to help the agents in our productive ecosystem to adapt to the new scenario”.

Its not utopia any more

The new scenario is more than just visible in commerce. Digital transformation is now more reality than utopia and we can already see stores with screen mirrors that can tell us which size would suit us best, or products with RFID labels that make stock control easier, among other innovations. We are living through the change from traditional commerce to digital stores that are connected with the online environment. According to one manager from Google Marketing Solutions Account & Retail Lead, Unai de la Rica, “95% of sales take place in brick and mortar stores, but 58% are influenced by digital commerce”.

The retail expert and president of the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Sporting Goods (AFYDAD), Andrés de la Dehesa, goes even further. “We have gone from e-commerce to a-commerce, which is automated sales. Predictive models are now allowing us to delegate the purchase of certain products to bots or algorithms”, he says.

De la Dehesa is the coordinator of BizDigital Experience by Sportmas, the space which will have all the elements and gadgets necessary to recreate a digital store and which will be one of the main attractions of BizBarcelona by Barcelona Activa 2018.

This new space is an addition to the many activities of the fair which, with 190 conferences and events and over 80 exhibitors, has become an essential date for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises who want to steer their business projects to success.