The number of entrepreneurs keeps on growing. According to the data from the latest study by GEM España, published in May 2019, 48.5% of the public believe they have the knowledge, skills and experience to be entrepreneurs, which is 4% more than last year. The entrepreneurship rate in Spain has also risen to 6% for the first time in many years, rising above countries such as France or Germany.

Starting a business in Barcelona is one of the most attractive options for national and international talents, thanks to the emphasis on innovation and creativity that characterises the city. It is this spirit of entrepreneurship that makes the city the ideal host for the Bizbarcelona by Barcelona Activa, event, which brings the many actors who form part of this dynamic ecosystem of innovation and business together in the same space.

This two-day event will deal with the latest challenges faced by the self-employed and entrepreneurs who don’t want to be left behind. These are the currents that are defining the present moment:

  • Digitalize: there is nothing new about saying that business has to be online. Whether you are running a hair salon, a restaurant or a shop, the prevailing trend is for customers to get an idea of your business before they pay a call or come shopping. Having a complete, well-organised webpage, an active profile in social media and an e-commerce platform for online sales can make all the difference.
  • Be Green: consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the environment. An effort to increase sustainability and to apply measures to boost the circular economy can position your brand or business with regard to its commitment for a fairer or more sustainable world.
  • Go international: never overlook the opportunity to extend your business activity beyond your country’s borders. If you cannot expand your horizons, at least make sure you are communicating in other languages, like English or French, which will bring you to the attention of thousands of new people.
  • A rounded business plan: sometimes there is more work involved in preparing a plan than carrying it out. Even though it may seem to take forever, it is vital that you consider the different aspects of your business plan and product structure to maximize the efficiency and success of your efforts. You can rely on a number of experts to support and guide you during this process.
  • Move forward: although there is still a lot of work for traditional professionals, more and more new professions and tools are appearing all the time. This is why it is important for the self-employed and entrepreneurs to make use of events like Bizbarcelona to stay up to date with the latest trends.
  • The social economy: besides financial profit as a main goal, alternatives like cooperatives place more emphasis on their activities having a positive social impact. At present, businesses in the social economy generate around 10% of Spain’s GDP, according to Cepes and create more than two million direct and indirect jobs.

Alongside conferences on these subjects and others like them, BizBarcelona can also rely on the testimony of entrepreneurs who have managed to consolidate their projects, like Alicia Asín, founder and CEO of a Spanish tech multinational with a turnover of more than 6 million euros per year. This engineer can offer advice to other future entrepreneurs, saying “It is important to listen to everyone, but you must have your own criteria when it comes to taking decisions. The big breaks don’t come along very often, but they are not the only way to make it in business, most success stories are founded on many years of hard work”.

The BizBarcelona event

With its motto of “Let’s get business working”, the ninth edition of this event will take place on 12 and 13 June, offering personal advice, a networking space, and exhibition area with innovative solutions for entrepreneurs, a space for international expansion and a range of training courses. Altogether, there will be over 200 activities for those attending to guide them from starting a business to optimal day-to-day management.

The Programme for the 2019 edition includes over 150 presentations by national and international experts, with sessions on investing, creativity and innovation that are based on the idea of sustainability in business growth.