FM&BS, Save time and money


09-03-01Cutting costs and optimising resources. Those are the two main objectives when applying ‘facility management’ and ‘business services’ as business management tools, which will be covered at the first FM&BS World Summit, which Fira de Barcelona will be organising between 28 and 30 June at the Montjuïc Conference Centre.

This trade fair aims to provide businesses with new management tools that enable them to optimise their resources, an issue that is almost unavoidable in today’s world. However, the President of the British Institute of Facilties Management (BIFM), Ian R. Fielder, goes even further. “Companies that make a committment to ‘FM’ and ‘BS’ have to do so as an integral part of their strategic business plan,” he says.

They have been in use elsewhere in Europe for the last 30 years. In countries like Britain, where 90% of companies have outsourced at least one service, ‘facility management’ is a university subject. In Spain, ‘FM’ and ‘BS’ are still in their infancy, as only 32% of companies in this country have decided to outsource some of their services. However, the number of companies applying these management tools is increasing.

For the president of IFMA Spain (the Spanish Facility Management Society), Salvador Torres, the reason is simple. “Companies understand that they save money by outsourcing.” Torres also says that outsourcing services enables companies to “restructure their operations based on the reality in the market and to focus on their core business.”

The Sodexo experience

09-03-02One of the biggest companies specialising in the outsourcing of services is Sodexo, which operates in 80 countries and has 380,000 employees worldwide. It provides services focusing on the integrated management of buildings that include catering, multi-technical maintenance, cleaning, reception and risk prevention.

The general manager of Sodexo FM Spain, Enrique Alonso, explains that “at Sodexo, we are committed to integrating the management and delivery of multiple services. It is a model based on sharing the objectives and strategic challenges of our customers, to offer them a solution that helps them improve their results.” And he adds:

“Comprehensive management does not only help to cut costs but also improves the users’ experience.”

To dispel the many doubts raised by the application of these business management tools, especially in terms of their impact on employment, the President of IFMA Spain, Salvador Torres, says that the “FM & BS World Summit will be very useful for everyone. ” The event, in the Montjuïc Conference Centre, will feature the leading international experts in the field.

What are they?

“Facility management” is the external management of all the services associated with a building, such as security, gardening and catering.

‘Business services’ are defined as the transfer to third parties of services that are supplementary to the company’s main activity, such as computing and IT.