The entrepreneurial adventure


09-02-01Economic crisis, credit crunch, a dead halt in consumption, rocketing unemployment… The outlook is not exactly encouraging, but the key to moving forward involves fostering entrepreneurship and business start-ups. Thousands of entrepreneurs are required, who because of a vocation or necessity, become businesspeople and stimulate economic activity and employment. The new Bizbarcelona show offers solutions, inspiration, knowledge, advice, institutional support and access to financing for those considering embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship.

On 15 and 16 June, Barcelona will be a city of and for entrepreneurs more of than ever, with the combination in the same event of the traditional Day of the Entrepreneur and the HiT Barcelona Innovation Summit. Bizbarcelona also features other entrepreneurial activities related to the Catalan capital such as Agents&Broker, the Tormo Franchise Forum, the SIME or the Pecha Kucha, among others.

Workshops and lectures, schedules of interviews, the presentation of ideas and projects to directors from various sectors, investors and representatives of venture capital funds, speed meetings to find partners, guidance and advice forums, and a commercial area with products and services for SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs are just some of the attractions at Bizbarcelona in the Montjuïc area.

Anti-recession tips for heroes

Find out about the tools for planning a good marketing strategy and finding clients learn to produce a viable business plan; success stories in areas such as retail or biotechnology; consumer trends; financing for SMEs and freelancers or coolhunting techniques are just some of the topics of the lectures aimed at those wanting to start a business. Indeed, for all these new heroes, we look at the advice of two entrepreneurs who will be participating in Bizbarcelona as lecturers.


Albert Bosch

president of the Catalonia Young Entrepreneurs Independent Association (AIJEC) and the Managing Partner of Invergrup

This enthusiast for entrepreneurship and sport in general has identified the challenges that have to be faced by those wishing to launch an idea, business or company. For Bosch, the entrepreneur, as an adventurer, “must learn to live with constant uncertainty, be prepared to take risks and know how to manage the relationship between success and failure.” Bosch believes that intuition and good luck play an important role, as do ambition and being demanding when setting objectives. However, the entrepreneur must also understand that he or he will sometimes feel very lonely.


Bernardo Hernández

Global Head of Marketing for Emerging Products at Google

The keys to being an entrepreneur today involve “being ambitious, managing fear and focusing on creativity to make yourself stand out.” Hernandez encourages entrepreneurs to take advantage of any crisis to start new projects and innovate, seeking the best business ideas “which tend to be the ones that solve big problems”. Ongoing training is also important, as is the desire to learn in order to build up the skills required to run a business. In any event, to cover professional shortcomings, the best advice is to surround oneself with excellent professionals and never forget that “you have to have fun”.

From the idea to business success

09-02-04Be careful. If you have a business idea, take some advice and get some help. Various institutions can help you to study the feasibility of your project, to produce the business plan, to choose the right legal status and find funding. We recommend:

→ Barcelona Activa
→ Inicia: The Government of Catalonia’s business start-up portal
→ The “la Caixa” Emprendedor XXI Programme 
→ Ico Directo
→ Barcelona Provincial Council – Economic Promotion 
→ Barcelona Chamber of Commerce