Three minutes to catch an investor on YouTube


16-02-01Informative over-abundance has led to a need for brevity. The shorter the better; Twitter has already demonstrated the victory of short, concise messages and now in the business world, “Video Pitch” and “Video Elevator” are gaining terrain.

This is an ever-more popular way to make three-minute video-presentations in order to promote companies, services or products and to achieve investors or buyers, all over the net.

One of the new developments this year at Bizbarcelona, the exhibition of solutions for business people, held at the end of June, was that visitors were able to learn to make a “Video Pitch”.
Business production tool

If a head hunter discovered the juvenile idol Justin Biebier thanks to a video uploaded by his father onto YouTube, why can’t entrepreneurs use the same method to seduce investors?

16-02-02The potential of Internet, and particularly the viral capacity of the social networks are becoming the most effective formulae for achieving the necessary financing to carry out many business projects.

Therefore the “Video Pitch” or video presentation, is an optimal tool to send an idea not only to the general public, but also to investors or purchasers. Its advantages especially include greater attention of spokespeople, who can see and listen to the entrepreneur instead of discovering their business plan or products by means of a written document; and naturally the greater scope of the message thanks to the potential dissemination on the Internet.

16-02-03Sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have become the best channels with video contents accessible to an enormous number of users at any time, in any place and from multiple devices, web sites and technologies.

For Rocío Jiménez, the coordinator of the Bizbarcelona “Video Pitch”, “it is essential that entrepreneurs should organise their ideas and prepare their presentation in advance in order to produce the required impact”.

Solutions for business people and entrepreneurs

Bizbarcelona is the exhibition at the Fira de Barcelona which offers businesspeople and entrepreneurs all of the necessary tools and solutions to be able to make their company grow, with a program that includes advisory, networking and inspiring activities for entrepreneurs.

The meeting is supported by institutions and entities fostering enterprise and the gestation of new business initiatives, which include the Barcelona City Hall (through Barcelona Activa) the Government of Catalonia, ‘la Caixa’, Barcelona Provincial Council and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

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