Technology made in Barcelona


Wherever you are in Barcelona these days, you will see posters and banners with the names of two events: Mobile World Congress and 4YFN. Everyone knows about the first of these, but the second event is not so well-known. What does 4YFN mean? This cryptic code is actually the initials of 4 Years From Now, one of the most ambitious projects working to cement Barcelona’s status as a technological hub.

4 Years from Now is an event for startups (new companies) organized by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and dedicated to innovation in the mobile and digital business environment. It is a business platform oriented towards the creation of ideas and building lasting relations between new international companies, investors and large corporations. It is being held this year for the second time as one of the activities programmed as part of the Mobile World Congress, the most important fair for the global mobile sector which is organized every year by GSMA, with 90,000 visitors, 4,500 of whom are company directors and 1,900 exhibitors.

The latest trends in mobiles

31-01-02For its second edition, 4YFN is adopting a 3 + 3 + 3 strategy: three days, three subjects, three competitions. From the 2nd to the 4th March, the event will focus on three subjects closely related with the latest trends in mobile technology and innovation, namely disruptive technologies (2nd March), the Internet of Things (3rd March) and Digital Media and Communications (4th March).

They will be dealt with through workshops and speeches by experts such as Patrick de Laive, co-founder of The Next Web, one of the world’s most important technology webs, Martin Varsvasky, the CEO of FON, inventor Pablos Holman, and Mike Butcher, senior editor of Techcrunch, with many others.

There will also be three online competitions on the subjects covered by the speeches, looking for startups that have invented a data management and analysis tool, an app that controls home appliances or has launched products or services based on online content.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

31-01-034YFN is only the tip of the iceberg in relation with the strategies of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCB) for entrepreneurship. The MWCB firmly believes that entrepreneurship is the ideal catalyst of innovation for mobiles and an essential factor for the progress of the financial and business environment, and has developed a Programme for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PEI) to reinforce this activity in the technological sector in Barcelona, aiming to transform its industrial, financial and cultural sectors.

The strategic pathways set up by the plan to vertebrate the entrepreneurship and innovation activities are the Internet of Things, the use of mobile technology as wearables, specifically clothes and accessories, transmedia communications and User Experience (ux) through new human-device interfaces.