Practice your English for free at any time

FormacionQueuing in a shop, riding on a bus or in a doctor’s waiting room. These are all occasions we can take advantage of to practice and improve our level of English. New applications for smartphones will help us to do this, and in many cases, do it for free. How can we choose the best of them, or the ones which best suit our needs?

The Toolbox portal in the education programme mSchools, promoted by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCB) can offer us, for example, an online catalogue of applications for learning English which have been assessed by educational criteria:

  • Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
    This includes different levels for learning vocabulary and expressions. It offers many more languages besides English.
  • Tellagami
    This allows you to create virtual characters that can talk using your voice. You can also transform written text into spoken words. You can then export the result as a video.
  • Phrasalstein Phone
    Doctor Phrasalstein and his friends will help you to overcome your fear of the dreaded “Phrasal Verbs” and learn them.
  • Learn English with ABA
    This offers videos to explain grammar points for the ABA paid course. It is great for exercising your “listening” and “reading” skills.
  • 6 minute English Listening
    This has over 400 podcasts to listen to online or download, on a wide range of subjects, with transcription and glossary.

The proposals of the British Council
The British Council also offers a range of applications for learning the language of Shakespeare through games, podcasts and videos. Here are a few examples:

  • Learn English Great Videos
    To improve your English and your knowledge of British culture and life at the same time. It contains 24 videos with audio scripts, vocabulary glossaries and questions.
  • IELTS Word Power
    This is a great help in preparing for the IELTS exam. You can practice with more than 100 questions in 11 different categories, from science and technology to employment and business.
  • Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge
    Are you a beginner or an expert when it comes to grammar? It doesn’t matter, you can put yourself to the test in 60 seconds with the questions of this app.

The Week of Training and Employment

salo ensenyamentWith the Week of Training and Employment being held at the Montjuïc site, Fira de Barcelona will once again be a reference point for the educational community. This year the event includes the Teaching Fair, Saló de l’Ensenyament (9th-13th March), of which the Salón de los Idiomas/Aseproce forms part; and Futura, the exhibition of Master’s and Post-graduate Degrees (11th and 12th March).

There is also the International Business Simulation Fair, Feria Internacional de Empresas Simuladas (9th-11th March) and, for the first time, ITworldEdu, the benchmark congress for the educational technology sector (7th and 8th March).

Marta Juvell