The global financial crisis and the technological revolution have transformed the job market in a very short time. The world’s most important companies and top selection agencies find themselves searching for professions that did not even exist two years ago.
There is no magic formula for becoming one of those elusive sought-after professionals. The only way is to study. Some of these degrees, post-graduate studies and masters will be present from 14 to 18 March at the Education Show and Future Salon, as part of the Training and Work Week that Fira de Barcelona is organizing again this year.
Randstad Professional has carried out a survey of the most sought-after professionals in 2018. Find out who they are:

5. Customer Experience

The digitalization of the economy has led to modifications of our consumption habits, with an increase in the demand for products and services based on experiences. This is why professionals who are able to analyse and take decisions that enable customers to have an optimal purchasing experience are very popular this year.

4. Retail workers

Like all the other sectors, the digital revolution has had a profound effect on the retail sector and its workers. There is strong demand now for sales personnel for both physical stores and more digital entities, specialising in Big Data, Business Intelligence or SAP.

3. Sales profiles

The economy is slowly emerging from a serious recession, and consumption is growing steadily with it. This increase is driving companies to search for workers with a vocation for sales, specialising in customer service and sales management, especially for the international arena. The rise of e-commerce means that this field is dominated by profiles specialised in social media.

2. IT Specialists

The increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence is affecting sectors as diverse as health, transport, education, manufacturing and finance, among many others. This situation has forced many companies to recruit specialists in this field as a matter of urgency.

1. Automation and Control System Engineers

The digitization of processes is radically changing industry and the result is that there is enormous demand for professionals capable of designing, programming and implementing these transformations that are changing production lines.

El salón de las ofertas de empleo

As part of the Training and Work Week, Barcelona Activa and Barcelona City Council will organize the Salon for Youth Employment. The event will include 25 companies from different sectors that offer work to young unemployed people aged between 16 and 35. There will also be discussions and workshops on training and entrepreneurship. The salon will be held from 14 to 16 March in Palau 2 of the Montjuïc site of Fira de Barcelona.