Expohogar eco-friendly Barcelona“There is no plan B because there is no planet B”. When the United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon said this in 2014 he was expressing a growing consensus of opinion: we are all responsible for protecting the environment. In the year that the activist Greta Thunberg, founder of the Fridays for Future ecology movement, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, ‘Eco-friendly’ decoration – based on environmentally responsible and sustainable products – is among the most prominent trends in the Autumn-Winter season at the Expohogar show.

Carpets made from cotton rags or 36 plastic bottles made into a bedsheet are just a few examples of how recycling can extend the working life of materials, saving resources and energy. One approach to the art of saving the planet consists of sustainable design in the functional and aesthetic qualities of products.

Sustainable decoration includes ideas such as reusing objects, adding natural elements, employing low energy lighting or ecological paint. The use of sustainable raw materials, such as wood, cork or natural fibres, local sources and a do-it-yourself philosophy are the hallmarks of ‘eco-friendly’ products.

This season’s essentials

The ‘Eco-friendly’ articles are a new feature on display at the Expohogar show, at the Montjuïc site from 27 to 30 September, sharing these dates and the site with BCNJoya, with the latest additions in jewellery and watchmaking.

Another prominent trend this year is for articles from Africa, such as woven baskets or XXL-sized giraffes, as well as oriental styles, such as colourful chests and jars. The combination of purple with black-tinted metal is a notable feature of household objects such as lamps, mirrors or umbrella stands, sharing the limelight with ethnic styles and warm tones.

All these tendencies form part of the whole Expohogar experience, which brings together nearly 200 companies in the decoration, gift and jewellery sectors. The event is expected to attract 11,000 professionals between 27 and 30 September, mostly from small and medium-sized retail businesses, wholesalers and distributors who are gearing up for the Christmas campaign.