Long live fashion! Brides and denim

Fashion returns to Fira de Barcelona with a vengeance this week with two important shows: Barcelona Bridal Week, which for the first time is organized by Fira itself, and Denim by Première Vision, showcasing fashion in denim from Paris. Both events will be showing off their very best finery this May.

Spain dresses the world’s brides

According to ICEX, the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade, one out of every ten brides around the world wears a dress that was made in Spain, which has risen to become the world’s second exporter of bridal wear, behind China.

The honour for this must go to Pronovias and Rosa Clará who are the major exporters in the sector: the former has 200 stores and 3,800 sales outlets in 90 countries, while the latter has 105 stores and 2,200 outlets in 60 countries. Others like Jesús Peiró, Franc Sarabia, Patricia Avendaño or Raimon Bundó have also found success abroad, where Spanish style has gone from strength to strength.

Withstanding the crisis

Alongside this global success, the domestic market has weathered the crisis and is in good shape, in spite of the squeeze on wedding expenditure that has seen spending on banquets – which accounts for half of the budget – guests numbers and the destination and duration of honeymoons sharply reduced.

27-01-02The wedding dress, however, is a shining exception in the midst of all this austerity, as the only item that has not suffered cutbacks. The Federation of Independent Users and Consumers (FUCI) say that a wedding dress will not cost less than 500 euros, to which must be added the cost of shoes, accessories, make up, hairdressing and the bouquet, which can ramp up the budget to around 1,500 euros.

A powerful sector of the economy

Bridal fashion is a powerful sector which, between the export and domestic markets, moves more than 341.76 million euros a year, according to ICEX.

27-01-03 The biggest names will all be on show at Barcelona Bridal Week, the international showcase for the sector, which will host Noviaespaña and Pasarela Gaudí Novias between the 6th and 11th May, filling the Gran Via site with more than 200 companies, half of which are foreign. After being in the hands of Flaqué Internacional for 23 years, the Bridal Week show has become the latest event to be handled directly by the Fira de Barcelona organization.

In the words of its new director, Miquel Serrano “Barcelona Bridal Week is an established fair which we are expanding to make it an international event in order to raise the profile of a sector with tremendous export potential and which is a flagship of both Spanish fashion and the Barcelona brand around the world”.

“Denim” spring in Barcelona


Denim is one of the predominant trends this spring-summer. Denim is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, but the fabric is coming on strong this season, adding a touch of blue to all kinds of garments and accessories on catwalks and in the street. The denim look is coming to Barcelona this month of May with the arrival of the leading trade fair for professionals in the sector, Denim by Première Vision, which until now has been held in París.

The event is a global reference for the denim sector, and over a hundred exhibitors from 20 countries will be taking part, revealing the concepts and trends that the fabric will be introducing in the autumn-winter season of 2015 – 2016. The fair will examine the market prospects and the latest technology as well as putting the latest advances in materials, colours, quality and finishes on display, in a salon which will attract over 3,000 professionals from around the world.

Barcelona, “denim” city

27-01-05“Barcelona is a youthful, vibrant, cosmopolitan city, with a penchant for daring, creative and stimulating values in art, fashion and living, so the denim community feels completely at home here”, says the director of Denim by Première Vision, Chantal Malingrey.

The Director of Expansion for Fira de Barcelona, Pere Camprubí, predicts that the salon will see significant growth during its stay in the Catalan capital, which will be boosted “by the longstanding tradition of textile manufacture in our country, the drive and creativity of our designers and the positioning and experience that Fira bring to this sector”. In fact, this coming edition of Denim by Première Vision has already increased its size by 5% compared with the last edition in Paris.

51,000 million a year

27-01-06The addition of this important show to the calendar of the fair means that Barcelona will become the international capital of denim fashion. There are two editions of the salon, in May and in November. The denim industry generates 51,000 million euros in sales around the world every year, and this is expected to rise to 56,000 millions in 2018. Barcelona is committed to playing its part. See vídeo

The history of an ideal fabric

Comfortable, versatile and hard-wearing, denim never goes out of fashion, whether making items as essential as jeans, or other pieces, accessories or footwear. It combines easily with all colours and adapts to any style. Genoa, Nimes, Levi Strauss, the gold rush, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein all have a place in its long history.

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