The Brandery, creativity and business


16-01-01The Brandery, which comes back to the Montjuic complex in July, it is more than fashion, and not just brands. It brings together creators, purchasers, entrepreneurs,coolhunters, musicians, bloggers, journalists and simple followers of social and cultural events.

A varied world that is closely related to the way in which Barcelona dresses the events it likes. In short, business, but also art, music and a passion for fashion and the setting itself: the Fira, the city…

16-01-03The Brandery has progressively become an area for creation, for tendencies, fashion, culture, design, music, for a variety of disciplines that give it its own, unrepeatable character. Its director, Miquel Serrano, defines the meeting as “a multidisciplinary platform of tendencies bringing together a crowd of professionals, the “Branders”, who share our interest in business and fashion”.
The fashion that dresses the streets

The exhibition hits the streets of Barcelona with numerous initiatives like exhibitions, open-air workshops and the “Window On…I’m a Brander” shop window competition, in which nearly 100 shops take part.

16-01-04It is also on the surface in the design schools with the “New Talent Contest” aimed at final year students. The finalist collections from each school are paraded on the exhibition catwalk and the most innovative collection design receives a grant to work in the design laboratory of one of the firms taking part.

Alongside this, different teams formed by students and teachers of the fashion schools create shop windows in an area of Brandtown, also inspired in “The Branders” family. This is the way to line up passion for creativity, opportunity development and this Barcelona turned into an icon.

Antoni Sellés, the director of Vasava also taking part in The Laundry, The Brandery ideas laboratory, to talk about cross-media says, “Barcelona has historically struggled to gain an important place in the cultural and economic flows and has been transformed by the different events”.

New channels of communication…

Barcelona plays an important role in the changing world where the global and local are constantly mixed. The concept of communication in the field of marketing, the cross media, is the sum of creativity and the possibilities offered by technological tools: sms, PDA contents, personalised interactive television commercials, games, videos, applications… to catch one’s attention and set off a purchase action. “We believe in technology as a support for creativity” says Antoni Sellés. “It doesn’t matter whether we are programming for web, editing video or designing for paper, the aim is to find forms to break down the barriers. Technology provides immediacy and accessibility for information management”.

…and commercial channels

Commercial channels are also changing. To meet the new market demands and consumers with agility and efficiency, we have to innovate digitally and make the physical and virtual shops, along with the social networks, work together. The “Fashion retail cross channel” a new sales strategy for the new European consumer, which is discussed in The Brandery by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.