The optimistic shades of Expohogar

This classic in our calendar has opened the 2014 season of fairs and events. The venerable Expohogar has celebrated its 51st edition in the Montjuic venue, between the 17th and 20th of January. It has cemented its place as a reference for small and medium-sized companies, who attend the salon with the idea of discovering the gifts, interior decoration and fashion accessories that they will go on to make available to the public.

Once again, as is traditional in its Springtime version, Expohogar is ahead of the curve and has brought the newest must-haves which will go on to adorn the streets of our cities later in the Spring and Summer. In January, which is one of the coldest months in Barcelona, Expohogar is an open window that lets fine weather in.

Warm colours for the home…

Expohogar has proposed that we fill every corner of our homes with optimism. That is why it has chosen this year, which looks set to be the year of recovery, at least in terms of mood, to brighten up the house with tables and chairs painted in warm colours such as antique blue, or intense sunny yellow. Besides this, the trend towards vintage styles continues to advance, adding a classic touch to all the furniture in the home, and is now indispensable for anyone who wants to be considered up to date.

…blue in the street

And when we go out, our jerseys, shirts or skirts will have to show off all the many shades of blue. However, the out and out leader of the season, especially when it comes to women’s clothes, is radiant orchid, a brilliant electric shade of purple that we will also see in eye shadow and lipstick. There is also a wide range of citrus colours, ranging from intense yellow to pastel orange.

25-04-02Fashion accessories, for their part, stand out because of their enormous size. Outsize bags, necklaces, ear rings and bracelets will be the protagonists over the coming months, although this season will also see one accessory stand out from the others. This is the extra large garland of flowers to be worn on the head as the pop singer Lana del Ray does, giving the wearer a bucolic, countrified and very romantic look.

Made In Cire, for the reintegration of ex-prisoners

25-04-03Expohogar is the setting chosen year after year by the Centro de Iniciativas para la Reinserción (CIRE), a public body that forms part of the Justice Department of the regional government, the Generalitat de Cataluña, to present the products that prisoners have created in the workshops of the prisons of Catalonia.

The Made in CIRE brand aims to make people aware of the existence and quality of the work produced in the prison workshops, bringing together tradition and modernity and adopting the typical cloth for handkerchiefs made in Catalonia, the mocador de fer farcells as its emblem.

Expohogar Primavera 2014 has seen the launch of the new “Denim Collection”, made up of a pirate cape, bag and hat, products that play on the emblem of the brand, the handkerchief material, integrating it with denim to create fresh, original pieces.

As a continuation of this trend, the “Denim Kitchen Collection” which includes a kitchen cloth, and apron (complete with pocket or waist-high) and the bib for eating Catalan roasted onions, the calçots.