“It’s nice to imagine that they choose us and help us to feel better. It is as though they talk to us through their shapes, colour, properties, creating this magic, this “feeling” that transmits their essence. The gemstones are the real stars. They have been forming underground for thousands upon thousands of years. Once unearthed, they choose us, to help us with their energy and offer us harmony”.

This is what Gemma López (Barcelona, 1974) tells us, craftswoman, artist and creator of conceptual jewellery. Born into a family of jewellers, she trained at the Escola Llotja in Barcelona, ​​then learned cutting, enamelling and using wax at the Escola Massana. She has been a master craftswoman since 2014, won the Best Catalan Craftsmanship Brand Award in 2015 and is president of the craft section of the College of Jewellers of Catalonia (JORGC).

Gemma claims that the meaning of jewels is becoming more important, more as a personal and cultural statement than an adornment. “I love the definition of ‘conceptual jewellery’, because it reveals a new creative discourse around these pieces. As I see it, as a crafter, there is a growing conceptual trend to consider nature itself as the real artist.”

“My working method consists of respecting this, bringing its essence to the fore through design that neither overpowers nor distorts it. That’s why I try not to cut them, to respect their beauty, impurities, their message and aesthetic as far as I can. Nature has created a real work of art, and I simply frame it and let it speak”.

Rubies, lapis lazuli, diamonds, emeralds or aquamarines ‘framed’ in matte gold form part of Gemma’s creative universe, which she shares with another thirty or so crafters as part of BCNJoya. This sector dedicated to jewellery and timepieces, with 120 exhibitors, will become part of the Expohogar Autumn Show. With a total of 250 companies from the decoration and gift sector, the event will be held from 22 to 25 September in the Montjuïc site of Fira de Barcelona.