Alimentaria, innovation and responsibility

It is estimated that a third of all the food produced on the planet is lost before it reaches the consumer. Leftovers from the food we prepare accounts for a quarter of all the food thrown away. Faced with this data, we have a logical as well as an ethical duty to prevent this waste of food from heading the “Top 10” list of trends in the world food market for 2014, as prepared by Innova Market Insights.

For the first time, this leading market research consultancy in the food sector is presenting its annual predictions in The Alimentaria Hub, the main forum for innovation, trends and international trade held within the framework of Alimentaria, which with its 3,800 exhibitors and 140,000 professional visitors spread over 95,000 square metres, is one of the most important fairs in the sector.

26-01-02 The presentation will be made by the Innovation Director of Innova, Lu Ann Williams, on Monday 31st March, the opening day of Alimentaria, which will be held in the Gran Via site until the 3rd April. We can offer a taste of some of this “Top 10” here for those who cannot wait for Ms. Williams presentation:

“Waste nothing and you shall want for nothing”

Consumers adapt their eating habits to times of austerity. The loss of food in the different stages of the production and supply chain is being examined and queried more and more: from the agro-food industry to distribution and the final consumer.

“You can trust us”

The origin of the ingredients used is ever more important for the consumer who demands the benefits of quality food which can be traced back to the source.

“Simpler pleasures”

26-01-03Consumers rethink their needs and decide for simpler, more homely food. Promotions and discounts of all kinds are also proving highly successful.

“Keeping an eye on the small innovator”

The innovations of small companies are emerging as distinct high-quality products with enormous potential to harness the support of social networks and become the next big thing.

“Food to fight illness”

Some major producers are researching different areas of healthcare to provide food and beverages intended to prevent certain pathologies.

Initiatives with a social conscience

26-01-04Alimentaria is expressing its commitment to charity by recovering all the surplus food and drink from the fair. It is setting up a number of storerooms at the Gran Via site for the Food Bank Foundationwhere they can pick up stock every day during the fair.
In the last edition, more than 300 exhibitors provided 23,000 kilos of food. One of the objectives of the cooperation between Alimentaria and the Food Bank is to collect surplus food for social organizations not just during the fair itself, but all year round.

Business and knowledge

26-01-05Innovation and International Trade are without doubt the central theme of Alimentaria, the great shop-window on the agro-food sector in Spain, which has seen its export sales rise at an annual rate of 10% since 2009. The fair will be the host for around 8,000 meetings between exhibitors and visitors from 60 different countries.

For a few days, Alimentaria will also become a neuralgic hub of knowledge, debate, training, innovations and future trends for the food and beverage industry. As indicated above, “The Alimentaria Hub” is an ideal place for learning about the new directions in a sector of constant innovation that is fully aware of the power of brands and their associated values as a factor of growth and cultural significance. The Conference on the Mediterranean Diet or its wholehearted support for our gastronomic patrimony – meets no fewer than 50 Michelin stars – are proof of that.