Efficiency and sustainability, trends in the hotel trade

principal_1The success of a professional kitchen, whether as a restaurant, hotel, school or catering service depends on the know-how of the chef and the efficiency of the professional resources at their disposal: without equipment such as freezers, snap freezers, deep fryers and the latest industrial blenders, a food service is not possible.

maquina-zumoAt present, when it comes to making machinery and equipment for the catering sector, one of the manufacturer’s priorities must be the creation of devices that apply smart consumption systems and guarantee high performance, rapid results and maximum efficiency. Energy economy and respect for the environment are necessary conditions for the new equipment which, besides compact design must offer the same production capacity as other conventional devices, but take up less space.

New consumer habits
In general, we can see that the appearance still matters, with attractive, elegantly designed machines that do not look out of place in the decoration of modern kitchens. In this context, modular machines are in greater demand for their versatility, and even more so when they combine these features with systems that make them easy to use.

On the other hand, equipment manufacturers are adapting to new consumer habits, such as multi-cultural cooking and the importance of healthy produce, by specializing in the manufacture of equipment and tools from Eastern, Nordic and African kitchens, or creating juicers that can squeeze citrus fruits in only 15 seconds, and compact, efficient liquidizers for all types of fruit and vegetables.

Smart equipment with technology
Another obvious trend is the application of the latest technological advances: Coffee machines, for example, are now intelligent and equipped with advanced M2M (machine to machine) technology that sends useful information directly to your phone or tablet about the number of coffees it has made or when it needs maintenance.

hostelcoThis intelligence is not limited to the kitchen: Security is another area where new devices are being applied, such as the new bracelet designed for hotel guests or cruise holidaymakers, which has a wireless data transmitter-receiver based on radio identification signals that can enable customers to make payments and access their rooms without needing a key, credit card or cash.

All these devices are the stars of Hostelco, the salon that will be held between the 23rd and 26th October at the Gran Via site, with the latest in new products and trends in machinery and equipment for the hotel and catering trade, raising the profile of a very important sector that is normally out of sight in the back room of specialist dealers. Take a look at the last edition of this fair in this video.