Architecture and design, weapons for appeal in hotels and restaurants



The designer Juli Capella, the architect Fermín Vázquez and the entrepreneur Beatriz Gancedo are some of the experts who will be taking part in the Gran Foro del Contract event, which will be held at the Hostelco International Restaurant, Hotel and Community Equipment Exhibition, between 5 and 9 November in Fira de Barcelona’s Montjuïc area.

This is their opinion on the importance of treatment of spaces in hostelry establishments:

“All spaces need creativity to exist”

04-01-03Juli Capella

designer and architect

There are no hostelry spaces without design. However, until recently the design was terrible, formulaic, but any space needs creativity in order to exist. Hostelry needs design as part of its service to the public. The revolution in gastronomy and hostelry is being accompanied by design, which helps to improve the range, make it stand out from the competition and satisfy the user. There is a type of imposing design, for exhibiting the artist, which sometimes has nothing to do with the type of establishment and does not work. But there is another type in which the designer, interior designer or the architect works side by side with the owner, with the chef, or the hotel manager, to achieve the effect that they ask for. Looking for a synergic fit. But one with an extra creativity, while trying to innovate, which doesn’t mean making things more expensive, more extravagant or that have never been seen before. That’s very easy. It’s not a question of doing something new, but of doing something better. That’s the real meaning of innovative, hitting the target, achieving an effect of surprise, creating comfortable, logical and economical spaces.

“We must look for ideas that go far beyond a mere functional response”

04-01-04Fermín Vázquez

architect, founder and director of b720 Arquitectos

“The quality of hostelry in Spain has required substantial architectonic improvement. More effort goes into integrating the hotel within the chosen location, to improving its relationship with the city and the surrounding area, and of course, there is a special focus on the quality of space in the rooms. The work of architects is not a mere functional response – we have to look for ideas that go far beyond that”.

“Fabrics give a space warmth and comfort and muffle noise in restaurants”

04-01-05Beatriz Gancedo

image and sales manager, Gancedo

Decoration and design are important for a hotel or restaurant project, as they contribute added value and define a space. Today, practically every establishment has an advisor on these areas. As regards our field, fabrics give a space warmth and comfort. For example, they muffle noise in restaurants. The decoration and fabrics, carpet and wallpapers that are most suitable for the project depend on the type of restaurant or hotel.

Specific examples include the breakfast restaurant we did recently with the decorator Nacho Garía de Vinuesa, where the colours green, pistachio and white give the space a fresh and pleasant feel, and a sensation of relaxation and optimism, and Barcelona’s Hotel Omm, where we covered the ceilings of the hall and the restaurant with a fabric that makes the space comfortable and pleasant and muffles noise.

Firanews Cocktail

Cocktails have moved to the centre stage of Hostelco in 2010 with the appearance of new trends and techniques that are very close to the world of gastronomy. That is why we have asked the chef Jordi Narro from Nuclor estaurant to create a cocktail for Firanews readers.

It is a refreshing long drink, and a distinctive cocktail made with Earl Grey tea which we have naturally christened Firanews.

6 cl aged rum
6 cl Earl Grey lemon tea infusion
2 cl lemon juice
6 cl ginger ale
A soup spoon of sugar
Rock ice

To make: 

Infuse the tea with mineral water by boiling for 3 minutes, strain and allow to cool in the refrigerator until well chilled.

Put the ice, rum, sugar, lemon juice and tea in a cocktail shaker, and shake well until thoroughly mixed.

Break up some lemon peel gently with the fingers in order for it to give off its aroma, place in a long cocktail glass with a slice of lemon and add the tea mixture, two ice cubes, and finally the ginger ale, stir gently and serve chilled.

G. D.