Barcelona Games World, more than video games

7460056108_d74280dc83_bThe market for video games has established itself as the primary audio-visual industry in Spain, generating over 1,000 million euros each year. There are over 13 million players of video games, according to the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE). These figures place our country among the foremost in Europe in terms of users, with only France, Germany and the U.K. ahead of us.

cliff-bitton27% of companies in the sector are based in Catalonia, and Barcelona has emerged in recent years as a formidable source of video game companies and social games, both in terms of company creation, and the quality and number of studios that are working in relation with this sector. Catalan universities has increased the number of master’s degrees and post-graduate studies on video games, and there is even a degree in the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI), affiliated with the Universidad de Barcelona.

Strategic positioning
In this context, the Spanish Video Game Association (AEVI) will collaborate with Fira de Barcelona on a new edition of the sector’s annual fair in Spain, the Barcelona Games World (BGW), which will be held between the 6th and 9th October 2016 in the Montjuïc site.

7461279610_e2c620e3e4_bThe event, which has been held until now in Madrid, is aimed at consumers as well as professionals, aims to become one of the sector’s leading shows at international level. “The strategic positioning of Barcelona in this sector will contribute to the international dimension of the event and increase opportunities for business, innovation and networking between the different agents in this industry”, according to the Fair organizer’s internal business director, Salvador Tasqué.

The main companies in the sector will take part, and will take advantage of the event to present their newest offerings, especially with a view to the Christmas Season. The president of the association, Alberto González Lorca believes that the fair will be an opportunity to “reach out to new audiences and markets, to generate new synergies among industry professionals and discover the potential for video games in the fields of economics, culture and education”.

Debate on the future of the sector

The show will also be the setting of a forum to debate the main challenges facing the industry at both national and international level. There will also be discussions on the economic and employment prospects for the industry, with experts from the sector and representatives of public institutions. Not only will we examine the potential of video games in terms of the economy, entertainment and innovation, but also look at their application in areas such as culture, education and health.

The 14 companies that are members of the Asociación Española de Videojuegos represent more than 90% of consumption in the Spanish market, and this makes their vision of the role of the sector particularly relevant.