Natural therapies for pets


10-04-01Fashion and beauty and spa sessions are no longer only for people – the latest clients at boutiques and beauty centres are pets. There are a wide range of products and services designed for them on the market, so that they are more beautiful and well cared for, as could be seen at the salón Mascota, show on 1 and 2 October, which this year is part of the first International Pet Week, which also includes the Iberzoo show and the Southern European Veterinary Conference.

In the health field, alternative medicine has also made an appearance in the world of pets. More and more veterinarians all over the world, especially in the United States, are using natural techniques to cure them or improve their quality of life. Successful treatment is based on the observation skills of the professional, which is a very difficult task when the patient’s words must be replaced by large doses of cleverness and intuition.


10-04-02Acupuncture in animals was common in ancient China some 3,000 years ago, although its use has increased greatly in recent years. Estimates suggest that more than 2,000 veterinarians worldwide use it.

It is especially suitable for treating pain, inflammations, problems of the skin, the spinal column and hip, anxiety, respiratory, gastrointestinal and reproductive illnesses and even serious diseases which traditional medical cannot sure.

“I have canine patients that were not expected to live for a year, and with acupuncture they have managed to survive and done so with dignity,” says Marita Casasola, who has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing University and a diploma of honour from the International Union of Schools of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

10-04-03The benefits of acupuncture in animals are surprising. “It is much more effective than in people, at about 90%, and the results are three to five times faster,” she says. It can be applied to all types of pets such as dogs, cats, horses and even domestic and wild birds, which sometimes have problems with their wings or digestive systems.

In the surgery, Marita performs a thorough examination. “To make a diagnosis I consider the energy situation, because sometimes a respiratory disease is not in the lung, but may be because of a deficiency in the kidney. I also look at the eyes, pulse, smell, fur, etc.. From there, I start the treatment using a technique that is new in the West: it involves working on the dorsal area, where the five elements are represented. With a few needles and a few sessions, the animal makes an extraordinary improvement,” she says.

Marita, who also provides acupuncture for humans, says that she has learned a lot from working with animals, and she has succeeded in treating patients with no need to say a word.


10-04-04As in humans, homeopathy in animals is used to stimulate the immune system, treating any chronic disease such as dermatitis, asthma or digestive problems, as well as emotional disorders such as phobias, anxiety and panic attacks. However, the diagnosis must be very precise because it is necessary to choose one drug from among 4,000 possible alternatives. One of the most popular remedies is Bach Flowers. They are particularly suitable for calming pets’ emotions and improving their behaviour in situations that can be stressful such as moving house, travel, periods on heat and visits to the vet.