The beauty industry


The power of the beauty industry


13-02-01Looking after yourself never goes out of fashion. On the contrary, in recent years beauty centres, hairdressing salons and spas have been offering more new services for customers looking to improve their body and mind. As well as attracting clients, this formula helps the sector to withstand the crisis. Although consumers now look towards the bottom line a great deal more, feeling “good-looking” is now a more of a good way to raise the spirits than ever.

13-02-02“It is no coincidence that the red lipstick is the best-selling cosmetic today,” says Esther Sualdea, editorial director of the magazines Vida Estética, Tocado, and”These days we have to look our best, or in other words “we must try to put a brave face on things,” and that is why professional advice is essential to get good results.”

To that end, the specialists presented the latest trends in Cosmobelleza & Wellness products and treatments in the Gran Via area between the 11th and 13th February.

Europe – world leader in the sector

In Spain, the beauty market as a whole, including cosmetics, hairdressing, beauty and perfume, accounts for around 7,100 million euros a year and employs over 32,000 people, according to the National Perfumes and Cosmetics Association, Stanpa. 53% of companies are located in Catalonia, 25% in the Madrid region, 14% in the Valencia region and 8% elsewhere in Spain.

13-02-03In international terms, Europe leads the market: every year it generates nearly 70,300 million euros, consumes five billion euros worth of products and has 350 million customers. Europe is followed by the United States and Japan, although in recent years the Arab countries, India, China, Brazil and Russia have experienced major growth.

A report by indicates that Spanish consumers spend an average of 170 euros a year on beauty, ahead of Germany, France, England and Italy.

The main clients at hairdressing, beauty and wellness centres are still women. The treatments most in demand our haircuts at hairdressing salons, and liposuction and facial rejuvenation in the aesthetic field.

Aesthetics and cosmetics

13-02-04“One trend among customers who want immediate results is technological aesthetics, using the latest cosmetics and cutting edge equipment,” says Esther Sualdea. For example, facial treatments include radiofrequency to tighten the skin on the face and IPL, which removes spots and wrinkles. For the rest of the body, the latest idea is lipolytic laser treatment (with no side effects, its light breaks down localized fat) and cryolipolysis (in which cold is used to tighten the skin, rapidly eliminating toxins and toning the tissues).”

Among those looking for comfort or relaxation with aromas and textures, the fashion is for spa sessions and “bio” cosmetics.


13-02-05“We are coming out of a time with a lot of neutrality in hair, so 2012 is the year of colour. In fact, the current economic and social uncertainty is encouraging a change towards colours that are richer in shades: golden, copper, red and purplish tones are making serious inroads,” says Marta Cid, creative director at Wapa’m Barcelona.

As for the shape and cut, “long hairstyles are static, almost straight, with hardly any layering. Medium-length styles are well structured, with very full front areas. Short hair styles are reminiscent of the transition between the 1920s and the 1930s: cut very close in a feminine style to the nape of the neck, with the side locks cut at the level of cheekbone. They are extreme but highly feminine styles”.