The new future of dental health

Oral healthcare is changing at a dizzying rate. The professionals in the sector have seen how true this is at the European Dental Forum, the conference held as part of the Fórum Dental Internacional, which took place in April and was organized for the first time by Fira de Barcelona jointly with several professional bodies.

The Forum was the stage for more than 50 presentations given by specialists in odontology, prosthetics, oral hygiene and speech therapy which stressed the synergies between these different clinical areas to analyse the most recent developments in dental treatment and diagnostics and offer a glimpse of the future.

The technological aspect

21-04-02Among these innovations taking shape for the future are the use of CAD/CAM systems to take measurements with a scanner, offering a perfect design of the mouth without the need for traditional moulds.

According to José Mª Fonollosa Pla, president of the Colegio Oficial de Protésicos Dentales de Catalunya (COPDEC) “they ensure a perfect match with the patient’s dental arch, making the prosthetic work much easier”.

Another technique was magnification, the use of magnifying lenses to intervene at the microscopic level, and the use of software applications that are revolutionising the sector and the practice of dental implants and helping to combat peri-implantitis, a serious inflammatory condition which causes loss of bone and affects 50% of patients with dental implants.

21-04-03In this context, Juan Rumeu Milà, odontologist and president of the scientific committee of the European Dental Forum explains: “When there is a reduction of the supporting bone where an implant has been made, the normal treatment is a bone graft, using animal-derived organic treatments. Our aim, however, is to achieve the clinical application of grafts developed from the patient’s own stem cells. This will reduce the risk of rejection and ensure greater success in any operation.”

Homeopathy, in ever greater demand

The conference on the use of homeopathic products in odontology was the first aimed at dental hygiene specialists, co-ordinated by AHIADEC. One of the most important presentations was that of Dr. Assumpta Mestre on the therapeutic potential and applications of homeopathy in odontology. It is an alternative medical treatment that is in ever greater demand from dental patients and which the specialist cannot always provide due to a lack of understanding.

21-04-04 Homeopathy can be used to treat specific conditions, such as loss of bone and implant odontology, and is very useful in all stages of surgery to prevent bleeding and pain. It is also very useful for the emotional state of the patient: it can be used, for example, in cases of dentophobia (fear of dental treatment), which affects 15 to 20% of the population, including anxiety, nausea, systemic conditions such as oral herpes, sinusitis, glossitis and halitosis.

Teamwork, the key to success

“The success of some treatments can be unstable, that is, they will not last a long time, unless the effort is shared” says Diana Grandi, vice dean of the Colegio de Logopedas de Catalunya and co-ordinator of the Seventh Speech Therapy and Odontology Conference.

“In the case of craneal jaw deformation, it is essential that specialists in odontology, speech therapy and ENT work together to ensure that the recovery of the respiratory function and other functions is stable. The multi-disciplinary approach”, Grandi says, “is the only way to ensure that the patient is diagnosed correctly in the shortest possible time”.