20 things that teenagers think are cool

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Parents, teachers, marketing professionals and others often ask themselves a question that, at first sight, would seem to be only of interest to themselves: what are the things and activities that appeal to teenagers now?

However, we should all have an interest in the answer, because it is the people of this age, roughly between 12 and 19 years old, who can tell us most about what our customs and culture will be like in a few years’ time: they can tell us which singers will be the most popular and which apps and social networks will succeed.

30-04-03Mutual understanding between teenagers and the adults in their lives has always been a challenge. New technologies now offer adults the chance to take a more or less direct look inside the minds of teenage boys and girls.

This is the case of Reddit, a web site with spaces for discussions where users can argue about different subjects or answer questions. The following question was asked there only a few moths ago: “Teenage Redditors, What is fashionable at the moment?”

More than 14,000 people replied in only seven hours. The responses that were considered the best were:


    Snapchat, a mobile application to send photos and messages that disappear between one and ten seconds after seeing them


    Hating things that are fashionable


    Getting drunk


    Fan-art, which means works of art –especially visual art– based on characters, periods and styles of clothes that the artist adopts from universes previously created by a third party


    Walking aimlessly around the city with no place to go


    Hating things in Facebook


    Electronic cigarettes


    Electronic music


    Ask.fm: an internet page where you can ask questions anonymously.


    Being smart or intelligent


    Instagram and Vine


    Ray-Ban sunglasses and Converse training shoes


    Hollister clothing




    Making ironic comments about musical styles such as


    Living life like a rapper


    Having a car


    Taking selfies without make-up to raise awareness about cancer research




    Taking street photos

All of this probably shows that the teenagers of 2014 are no different and no more difficult than those of the analogue age. It simply means that they have many more channels for sharing their good or bad behaviour. Globalisation is affecting them too, because the question was asked in the English version of Reddit and our teenagers would have given more or less the same answers. Or would they?

XD Young Fest, Fira’s new festival for young people

30-04-02Fira de Barcelona has a new challenge to deal with before the end of 2014, specifically during the Christmas holidays: to attract young people and teenagers to the XD Young Fest, a new festival of leisure and multimedia experiences aimed at this special sector of the public.

There will be a large area for practising extreme sports, a wide range of activities and experiences for visitors to explore the latest in technology, gaming, electronic music and new urban trends. See videos

The festival will be held between the 27th December until the 4th January in the Montjuïc site and will run alongside the Festival de la Infancia, which will be returning for its traditional season with new games, music and cultural activities for kids.