The sea as an experience


There are many ways to enjoy the sea, whether sailing a yacht or using an innovative device to leap like a dolphin, or keeping your balance on a surfboard. For many people, the sea is also their main source of inspiration and experience. For a few, it is also the ideal place to start a new life.

29-03-02This is the case for Álex Antón (Barcelona, 1987), who is about to make his dream come true: he will set off on the 19th October from the Salón Náutico de Barcelona to sail around the world on his boat “El Carajillo”, a Furia 28 of 9.5 m. which had been abandoned and which he spent months repairing. He predicts that it will take him three years.

His departure coincides with the closing day of the event, and his adventure, which he has titled “Un mundo a vela”, can be followed through the show’s website and on social media.The desire to discover the essence of life “without limit and without measure” drove Alex to take up this challenge. “I love the feeling you get from the sea, the freedom, to be able to go anywhere”, he says.

Flyboard or how to fly on the sea

Every year there are new gadgets aimed at the thrill seekers among us who love to try out new water sports, and which quickly catch on at beaches around the world.

29-03-06One of the most spectacular which can be seen in the Salón Náutico is the Flyboard, which allows you to perform incredible jumps, diving and coming back up to the surface almost like a dolphin, leaping as high as seven metres into the air.

This plaything has a flat baseboard with boots attached which emit two powerful jets of water to enable the jumps. The secret lies in the tube that connects the base to a water scooter, whose motor provides the energy to generate the two jets of water. You can then change direction simply by moving your legs. While it seems tricky at first, those who have tried it say that you can make small jumps after only an hour of practice.

29-03-04Another activity that is proving ever more popular among all kinds of people is Stand Up Paddle (SUP). Originating in Polynesia, SUP is practiced standing on a surfboard which moves on the water with the aid of a paddle.

There will be demonstrations and trips during the fair for those visitors who want to try it, and a gathering of nearly a hundred enthusiasts.

Unique experiences in the show

The Salón Náutico Internacional de Barcelona, which will be held between the 15th and 19th of October, will once again be the setting chosen by the most important domestic and international companies to put their latest proposals on display.

29-03-05There will be more than 250 exhibitors presenting 70 new models among the more than 650 boats on show, 50 new exhibits among the electronic accessories and latest generation of motors, as well as a large range of services, products and popular items.

As well as being able to see all this for themselves, visitors can enjoy singular experiences through the wide range of activities proposed and other surprises, such as a wave generator in the open waters of Moll de La Fusta to practice surfing and bodyboarding.