10 unforgettable travel experiences


Whether near or far, any part of the world can be the setting for unforgettable experiences. There is an infinite variety of experiences: they can be simple, exclusive, adventurous, nature-loving, cultural, for gourmets and for seekers of paradises lost. For those who feel the world is too small a place, and who need to fly high there are even journeys in space. The ticket, however, costs 250,000 dollars with Virgin Galactic.

Back on Earth, and at more reasonable prices, we have chosen 10 of these unmissable experiences for travellers which were presented at the tourism fair B-Travel held recently in Fira de Barcelona.

A trip to the heart of the volcanos of Tahiti

tahitiThe islands of Tahiti (French Polynesia), with their volcanic interior of steep walls draped with vegetation and waterfalls, are a superb destination for walking and canyoning.

Walking Ireland’s Atlantic coastal trail

From north to south and east to west, this route takes you across Ireland to discover magic, adventure, history and incredible beauty.

Touching the stars from Pic du Midi

At 2,877 m above sea level, Pic du Midi, in the Midi-Pyrénées, offers a sublime view across the peaks of the Pyrenees. You can sleep in the astronomical observatory and share unforgettable moments beneath the stars.

Following the Andes trail

This is the first long-distance trail in Argentina, running for 777 kilometres through the beautiful landscapes and the pure air of Patagonia.

Feel small besides the Great Wall of China

irlandaIt runs for over 6,000 kilometres. One of the best places to see this impressive construction is Mutianyu, to the north-east of Beijing, from where the Wall looks like a snake sliding through its natural habitat.

Listening to opera in Israel

The Masada Opera Festival is the most important cultural and tourist event in Israel. It is held in the open air, and in a singular setting.

Dancing to Cuban son

Besides its heavenly beaches and nature reserves, Cuba is experienced in its streets, dancing in the many clubs and improvised dancehalls that can spring up anywhere. There are also 250 museums, over a hundred art galleries and 70 theatres.

Walking the Inca Trail

Qhapaq Ñan has more than 60,000 km of footpaths that run along the Andes and which put you in direct contact with nature and the most ancestral elements of the country.

A photo safari in Tanzania

safari A safari is always an unforgettable experience. In the Serengeti National Park, one of the biggest attractions on the continent, you can witness one of nature’s most striking phenomena, the Great Migration.

Visiting the temples of Angkor

This is an essential visit to discover the history, customs and traditions of Cambodia. The greatest of the temples, the most famous and most visited, is that of Angkor Wat.

B-Travel, beyond the destination

After 23 years, the International Tourism Fair (Salón Internacional del Turismo en Catalunya) has started a new life as B-Travel , a fair which focuses on the experiences that you have when you travel.

It offers five main types of tourism: B-Happy, which are holidays with family and friends, romantic breaks, wellness, etc; B-Culture, which are centred on art, history and culture, as well as tourism for lovers of cinema, theatre, music or photography; B-Special, which includes luxury travel, for shopping, solidarity or the rediscovery of the local; B-Adventure, for those who love activity, nature and adventure, with rural tourism, nautical, mountain and cycling holidays, etc; and B-Delicious, which includes routes centred on wine and food.

Its first edition with this new format was held recently at the Montjuïc site and was well attended by visitors (27,000 in all) and exhibitors. This year, the salón has presented new destinations at home and from over 50 countries and regions around the world.