Whales at the Boat Show

principalFew people are aware that every spring whales pass near the Catalonian coast to feed, especially between Tarragona and Barcelona. They belong to one of the largest and most abundant species of cetaceans in this Mediterranean area – the fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) – which can reach 24 metres in length.

ballenasBecause of this, this year, the Barcelona Boat Show wants to contribute to the publicising of this phenomenon with a “Fin Whale Project” presentation by EDMAKTUB, a non-profit association dedicated to the study, dissemination and conservation of the marine environment, especially cetaceans.

This project, which has the support of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Government’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, has the aim of researching this particular species and raising public awareness of the need to protect and conserve whales, dolphins and marine life in general. In this regard, particularly invaluable is the cooperation of seafarers who can report their sightings of whales or other cetaceans in the area with a simple WhatsApp.
It is also possible to take a boat trip with EDMAKTUB’s scientific team to experience at first hand a day of research.

The observation catamaran at the Boat Show

catamaranThe association will also be showing off its main work platform: Maktub – a 14.3-metre-long Catana catamaran that can accommodate 12 crew and is usually moored at the Nàutic Vilanova Club. Visitors will now be able to see at first hand how these animals are observed and identified.

The boat is equipped with all of the necessary instruments to carry out research, such as acoustic equipment including hydrophones, high-definition air and underwater video systems and diving equipment.

Drones for the study of cetaceans

DRON BALLENASEDMAKTUB’s scientific team has developed a highly-innovative and minimally-invasive research technique to study whales. It is a remote-control multicopter used for the observation of whales, their numbers and behaviour and for photo identification.
This drone is also used to collect samples of blow, with which genetic classification studies can be carried out.

The Barcelona Boat Show

nauticoThe Barcelona International Boat Show, which will be held from 14 to 18 October in Port Vell, is again the setting chosen by major national and international companies in the sector to showcase their offer. More than 260 exhibitors will be presenting over 670 boats, 80 of which are new models, and around 50 new electronic accessories and state-of-the-art engines, as well as a wide variety of products and services, and the latest trends.
In addition to being able to view this wide offer, visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences thanks to a comprehensive programme of activities and lectures, many of which will be related to nature and the environment.