A clean horizon for the automobile


The future of the automobile industry involves more efficient and sustainable vehicles, with electric, hybrid and hydrogen motors. These trends could be seen at the Barcelona International Motor Show.

Expomóvil, an opportunity for workshops


Expomóvil, an opportunity for workshops FEBRUARY 2012 Car repair shops are part of the urban landscape in Spanish towns, like bars, pharmacies, banks and grocery stores. Having a reliable workshop nearby often gets us out of a tight spot. Most workshops in Spain are very small family businesses that generally do not have more than

The opportunity to give a car a second lease of life


The opportunity to give a car a second lease of life DECEMBER 2012 Price is undoubtedly the major attraction in the second-hand market, as the same money that would be spent on a car that has just left the factory can be used buy a high-end car with better performance. With the crisis, pre-owned models

Behind the wheel of a timeless classic


I want to drive a classic DECEMBER 2010 / JANUARY 2011 Aston Martin, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, and Alfa Romeo are all legendary brands that inspire the emotions and are collector’s items all over the world. Although the Seicento, the Biscuter and the 2CV are common in Spain, the number of enthusiasts for classic cars

Harley-Davidson: Passion, Art and Freedom


Harley-Davidson: Passion, Art and Freedom JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2010 Catalonia’s Ferry Clot was a fan of art and motorbikes. Working from his studio Hot Dreams Lloret, on the Costa Brava, he shapes and sculpts Harley-Davisdonmotorcycles, transforming and modifying them into unique works with their own personality. His remarkable talent and imagination have gained him the title of Customising World