The presence of Fira de Barcelona abroad is gradually expanding. 2017 has been a very important year in this respect, with a number of activities in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The creation of the company Fira Barcelona México, in a 50% partnership with the company Mercados Mexicanos, represents a new step forward in this sense, and especially in relation with our presence in South America and the desire to promote shows and forums that focus on smart cities, energy and education, and to explore other possible events in the areas of automotion and construction.

Smart cities

One of the first actions undertaken by the new company was the organization of the Smart City Expo Latam in Puebla in June, as one of the international editions of the Smart City Expo World Congress, held in different cities around the world, while the original is held every year in the Gran Via site of Fira de Barcelona and has become an international reference point for smart cities.

In the case of Puebla, this edition welcomed more than 80 exhibitors and 250 speakers, with 500 cities present and 7,800 visitors for the first edition, making it one of the most interesting projects for Latin America, which is undergoing extremely fast urban growth and has to deal with issues related with housing, transport, energy and the environment while managing the role of cities as economic areas.

Opening new markets

Ricard Zapatero, Internacional Business director of Fira de Barcelona

When setting up the new company, Ricard Zapatero, director of Fira’s international business emphasised that its creation will “reinforce our international strategy and activity with the establishment of new events and projects in a country such as Mexico, as part of our target of contributing to create more opportunities and to open new markets for the exhibiting companies and professionals in our shows”.

Mexico will also see the hosting of Alimentaria & Antad in the city of Guadalajara, which is the result of a strategic agreement between Alimentaria Exhibitions, a company of Fira de Barcelona, and Antad, the main sales outlet network in Mexico. This event was set up in order to consolidate it as an international reference on the agrofood trade fair circuit on the American continent.

Participations abroad in 2018

Next year, Fira de Barcelona will take part in the organization of at least twelve events abroad. They include:

  • The editions of Smart City Expo held in Curitiba, Brazil; Casablanca, Morocco; Buenos Aires, Argentina and Smart City Expo Latam in Puebla, Mexico. We could also add the Smart Island World Congress which will be held in Mallorca, Spain but not in spaces run by Fira.
  • The Qatar Motor Show will be held at the Doha Conventions Centre, with Fira helping in the organization, along with the Made at Home Exhibition and Moushtarayat, a fair specialised in small and medium-sized companies.
  • In Havana, there will be Energías Renovables Cuba, Securtec Cuba and Feria Alimentos Cuba.