Fair in Turkey, the country of new business


16-03-01By 2023, Turkey could come into the ranking of the 10 leading economies in the world. In 2011, it grew by 8.5%, faster than countries such as India (7.2%), Russia (4.3%) and Brazil (2.7%), and its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached 772.3 billion dollars, according to data from the Commercial office of the Spanish Embassy in Ankara.

Bilateral trade between Spain and Turkey has grown constantly in recent years and will continue to do so in the future. Turkey, in fact, has an infrastructure plan with a budget of 260,000 million Euros, which needs the involvement of other countries of the European Union to be carried out, undoubtedly a good opportunity for Spanish companies.
Target for Spanish investors

16-03-02Regarding the possibilities offered by the Turkish market, we talked to Cetin Senyurt, the person responsible for the Fira de Barcelona delegation in Istanbul, Turkey.

How would you describe the commercial relations between Turkey and Spain?
The Turkish market has great potential for Spain and has become one of the priority countries for commercial exchange and investment. Turkey is in tenth place on the ranking of receivers of Spanish investment, directed particularly at industrial sectors such as mining, construction, the car industry and the area of real estate. By contrast, the investment of Turkish companies in Spain focuses mainly on the service sector.

Do you believe that Turkey’s possible entry in the European Union could be beneficial?
Turkey and Spain have a lot in common. Although the tendency of advanced economies is to move away from productive systems, both countries invest precisely in the productive economy. I believe that Turkey, and Poland too, are emerging markets with a great future in Europe, so I hope that with the progress in the European Union, commercial relations between Spain and Turkey might grow.

16-03-03Do you believe that the Turkish market offers business opportunities for Spanish companies?
Turkey is currently 16th on the ranking of the largest economies in the world, but is constantly growing and evolving, has a qualified and competitive workforce, a fully developing technology sector and has benefited from customs union with the EU since 1996. Its population is also young and dynamic. What’s more, Turkey heads the list of countries that offer considerable advantages for promoting foreign investment and helping companies to set up in the area, including lower tax pressure. This country therefore opens up large business opportunities for Spanish companies in all sectors.

What kind of Turkish companies and professionals take part in the Fira exhibitions as exhibitors, but also as visitors?
Particularly companies and professionals related to the sector of civil engineering and construction, the packing and packaging industry and the hostelry and restaurant sector. In this sense, they are interested above all in taking part and visiting exhibitions such as Construmat, Hispack and Hostelco.

What is the image of Barcelona in Turkey?
Barcelona is one of the main tourist destinations for the Turkish population and also has a very good image as a city for business.

Did you know that…

Turkey is one of the ten largest world exporters in the food industry.

– World leader in hazelnuts, figs, apricots and cherries
– Second largest producer of olives
– Third largest producer of pistachios
– Fourth largest producer of olive oil
– Fifth largest producer of fresh fruit

It is one of the largest world producers of steel (second in Europe and tenth in the world)

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