Fewer than 50% of adults in Spain engage in some kind of moderate physical exercise every week, which makes us the second most sedentary EU member, only outdone by Romania. The results of the 2107 report on the State of Health in the EU reveal a worrying rise of sedentary lifestyles, which have been shown to be a major risk factor in the development of heart disease.

The lack of physical exercise influences our quality of life and, considering the number of hours we spend at work, there are now many companies that set up programmes to encourage sporting activities.

What are the advantages of sport?

  1. – It helps to release tension and combat stress
  2. – It improves health and quality of life
  3. – It improves relations between people (teambuilding)
  4. – It raises the self-esteem of those who do it
  5. – It reduces illness, leading to fewer days lost to sickness

Montblanc expedition of Fira de Barcelona

Aware of these benefits, a group of workers at Fira de Barcelona had the idea of creating the Fira Sports Team to promote sport and to spread the name of Fira.

What can a company like Fira de Barcelona do to promote sport?

Ángel Celorrio, the current coordinator of Fira Sports Team, thinks that “there are plenty of ideas and small gestures that a company like Fira de Barcelona can adopt to encourage its employees to do sport”.

In the case of Fira de Barcelona, they are:

  1. – Subsidizing their inscription in public races and runs

    Runners in the “Cros Popular” of Sants neighborhood

  2. – Encouraging participation in charity initiatives such as the Barcelona Magic Line of 25 February, a race organized by the Sant Joan de Déu hospital
  3. – Weekly group runs in Montjuïc with the support of a personal trainer
  4. – Yoga classes
  5. – A physiotherapy service and a changing room on site with showers
  6. – Negotiation of discounts with sports clubs and gymnasiums

Àngel Celorrio says that “these are only some of the examples that Fira Sports Team, with modest effort, have set up. Every year the team grows and it has helped to bind us together, improve our health and instil good habits”

Right now, there are more than 50 employees in the Fira Sports Team, an initiative that started life in 2001 when representatives from the organization took part in the Companies Race.

Since then, the members of the Fira Sports Team, the firaesportistes, have flown the colours of Fira in all types of athletic trials, including triathlons and ironman contests, even climbing Aconcagua in Argentina in 2009.

Like all good sports enthusiasts, Fira Sports Team looks for new ideas and challenges to get more and more of their colleagues involved in their activities, which is why the founders and coordinators Sònia Graupera and Ángel Celorrio have the ambition of “Fira having its own gym”.

Jesús Martínez, the titan of Fira de Barcelona

Jesús Martínez will be the representative of Fira de Barcelona in the
next edition of Titan Desert, a gruelling mountain bike race
that will be held between 29 April and 4 March in Morocco.
It will be the first time that Jesús, at 52 years of age, will tackle this
will tackle this extreme competition, despite having cycled more than
4,600 kilometers in 2017 with a total vertical distance of 43,000 metres.