Recinto para ferias y congresos del CCIB, en Barcelona

Barcelona will strengthen its international position as a leading city for trade fairs and congresses and Fira will enhance its position in a highly competitive global sector.

This will become possible when Fira takes over the management of the International Convention Centre of Barcelona (CCIB) for a period of 25 years from November 2021, a deal approved by the Economy and Treasury Commission of Barcelona City Council on 16 October.

This agreement will have a positive impact on Barcelona, as it will make a coordinated strategy for fairs and congresses possible, an important advantage in a time of intense competition between cities. Placing the management of three fair facilities under one roof (the Montjuïc, Gran Via and CCIB sites) will boost their synergies and promotion, as already happens in other European cities.

New opportunities

In the current global climate, this move will enhance Barcelona’s competitiveness and international profile as well as that of the institution as a pole of attraction for events, and it will generate new opportunities for the social and productive fabric of the whole territory.

It is worth remembering that Barcelona’s trade fair activities generate an economic and social impact of 2,600 million euros and over 40,000 jobs, and that Fira’s management of the CCIB will make a further contribution, especially in the Besòs area, where the centre is located, a zone that is currently in the midst of a process to upgrade its social conditions and urban planning.

Horizon 2021

The final approval of the concession means that Fira de Barcelona can promote the spaces of CCIB for activities that will take place after November 2021, ensuring thereby that the site is fully employed.

The fair organizer, in appreciation of the great work carried out by CCIB employees, has stated its commitment to retain them, as well as the desire to collaborate with the teams working at GL Events, who will operate the site until 2021, to ensure maximum continuity.

The activities run by Fira de Barcelona after November 2021 will be added to the portfolio of events it currently manages, including more than 140 salons, congresses and corporate events, directly involving more than 30,000 companies and the representatives of many others, and over two and a half million visitors.